Hi, my name is Michael Major, and I am the main author of the book No Grid Survival Projects.

I want to share a few things about my life, to help you get a better understanding of who I am and how my unique knowledge and expertise can help you become better prepared for any crisis, especially for an EMP or something else that takes down the GRID.

For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about two things: building projects and helping others.

After joining the armed forces in 1998, I volunteered to deploy overseas to Bosnia as a NATO peacekeeper in 2000. During that time, I’ve witnessed first-hand how quickly the social fabric of a civilized country can unravel during a wide-spread disaster, and how many innocent people end up suffering as a result.

I was totally devoted to the military and had firm plans to transfer to the regular forces and make a life-long career of it.

Then, as the story goes, everything changed. I met a special girl, fell in love, and became totally devoted to her. My path was with her by my side, so it was time to hang up my uniform.

Building For a Living

I needed a job that would pay the bills and because I was good with my hands, I settled on becoming a welder. I then specialized in fabricating things out of metal and also develop a pretty extensive set of trade skills like woodworking or repairing electronics.

One of the first serious jobs I landed was for Boeing, where I would help create extremely precise pieces of equipment for the aerospace industry. I was always thorough to the nth degree, but this job took that perfectionism to a whole new level. There was really no room for error. I’d double and triple check everything, and while it felt like a hassle at the time it served me well later on in life.

That was back in 2005.

Fast forward 15 years and I was married to my soulmate, we had two kids, a house in the suburbs, and a chocolate lab named Milo.

I was living “the dream” and still am. But I do not take it for granted. I know it can all collapse in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, most people don’t grasp how fragile our modern life really is.

What I realized a long time ago is that our society is not prepared for hard times anymore. We’ve become very “soft” living in our world of plenty, where everything is often just a click away.

And although we are but a couple of generations removed from our grandparents, we are a world away from them in terms of survival skills and actually knowing how to do and build things to cover our basic needs. I believe it is time to change that.

I don’t know about you, but as a family man I will never feel comfortable putting the fate of my wife and children in the hands of others.

Protecting my Family

Today we are living in strange and frightful times. I believe the honeymoon period for our modern society is slowly coming to a close. And things are not going to get any cheaper or easier moving forward. That’s why the time to take action is NOW.

It’s up to each and every one of us to take matters into our own hands and implement the projects we’ll need to survive what’s coming our way and keep our families safe. Nobody else will.

To protect my own family, I’ve built a lot of projects around my house, such as the pressurized rainwater catchment system, a unique off-grid energy system that uses both solar and wind, the 80-foot medicinal garden, a hand-pump operated well, a smokeless smokehouse to preserve our meat and cheese, a hidden food growing fence, a hidden aquaponics system and many others which I have personally invented or tweaked to adapt to our needs.

One of my main concerns was to only implement projects that would not be affected or would be capable of withstanding the effects of an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), which is one of the scariest things that could happen in our technology addicted world.

As I tweaked and upgraded all these projects around my own property it wasn’t long before I realized that many others would greatly benefit from these simple and inexpensive designs.

And that’s how No Grid Survival Projects was born.

No Grid Survival Projects

I wanted everything inside the book to be SIMPLE, EASY and STRAIGHT-FORWARD. I didn’t want anyone to miss out on having these projects on the day they’ll really need them. Oh, and one more thing: because NO-GRID Survival Projects is designed for a world without electricity, this book was printed with full high-definition color pictures and it is available in physical format.

So, here is a very brief description of what you will find inside No-Grid Survival Projects:

  • Over 70+ EMP-PROOF DIY Projects that help make you self-sufficient for everything your life depends on: food, water, energy, security etc.
  • What materials are needed with precise up-to-date links on where to buy them for the lowest $ amount.
  • Time it takes to build a project and its level of complexity so people can start with what they are most comfortable with.
  • Every step of every project explained in minute detail with color pictures along the way.
  • Videos of me building and thoroughly explaining each project from start to finish, that you can watch, pause, rewind – whatever you need.

Fair Warning: Due to high printing costs, physical copies of this book are limited.

Stay safe,

Michael Major

No Grid Survival Projects